ArTainium Inks by Sublideck™

ArTainium Inks by Sublideck™

ArTainium sublimation inks are ideal for printing phone cases, plastics, and other substrates sensitive to high temperatures. We profile our inks specifically to work at temperatures as low as 149°C, this profiling ensures the inks sublimate evenly across the temperature scale providing even ink load release and uniform colour saturation.

We recommend using ArTainium inks, with Sublideck™ FlexiFilm™ and Sublideck™ sublimation cases, this combination critically achieves the industry’s fastest drying rates, less ink is absorbed by the film coating, and you achieve the best image transfer possible with stunning HD colours.

ArTainium Ink at a glance

  • Balanced colour release rate
  • Super dense blacks
  • Fast drying for higher release
  • Profiled to deliver stunning HD results when used with Sublideck™

ArTainium inks produce the best results when used in conjunction with our FlexiFilm™.

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