Sublideck™ Warranty

Sublideck Warranty & Support

The Sublideck™ 3D+ is designed to very high tolerances and made here in the UK by our engineering partners. Working together in partnership this way balances the machines with the cases, jigs and consumables, delivering a sublimation process producing the industry’s best imaged results.

We realise how important it is to provide you with the confidence to trust us as your supplier of 3D technology, and to purchase from us. To provide you with assurance we offer a full 12 months back to base warranty on all machines. The costs of delivering you a new machine and bringing back the old one will be at our expense, however, the build quality of the Sublideck™ 3D+ is such that faults are unlikely to happen.

We also provided extended warranties for 2 & 3 years should you required them, please contact us for a quote.

Sublideck™ provides the industry’s best support package, we will not sell you a machine and leave you to struggle alone trying to achieve results. We have full time technical support staff here in the UK who are happy to call, or hold Skype video calls with you to provide any training you need, to help set up your machine, or answer any questions you may have regarding software and consumables.

We aim to support you in getting the best possible results from your Sublideck experience, one of our golden rules is to go above and beyond to ensure you are satisfied with your Sublideck product.

This commitment to service is that which sets us apart from the competition.

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Technical Support

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