Sublideck™ 3D  Phone Press

The 4 easy stages to world class 3D sublimation

Sublideck™ Sublimation Process

1. Select your desired image.

2. Using Sublideck Sublimation printers print your image onto our thermoforming FlexiFilm™.

3. Place the blank phone case and the printed film into the Sublideck 3D+.

4. Push the green button and from as little as 90 seconds later your fully imaged phone case is ready. 

Sublideck™ – A one stop solution for all your sublimation requirements

In order to achieve accurate colour transfer, it is important that the cases, inks, film, printer and the Sublideck™ 3D+ are profiled correctly to produce the best results.

We recommend the use of the Epson ET-2500 printer, using ArTainium inks, with Sublideck™ FlexiFilm™, the Sublideck™ colour profile, and Sublideck™ sublimation cases. This combination critically achieves the industry’s fastest drying rates, less ink is absorbed by the film coating, and you will achieve the best image transfer possible with stunning HD colours.

All our sublimation blanks are manufactured using specialised high temperature polymers and coated with special HD low temperature coatings. Our cases are of the highest quality and specially designed to work with the Sublideck 3D+ system.

Sublideck™ provides a complete one stop solution for all your sublimation requirements, backed up with expert training & support with the most accurate colour profiling in the industry. This care and support will enable you to produce high quality cases first time, every time.

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Useful Information


Any digital image that you and your customers have saved on the phone or computer can be used, as long as the resolution is 200 dpi or above you will get a very high quality image on your case.


You can use a range of printers but it’s extremely important that the printer you use is profiled correctly. In order to produce the best results, we recommend the use of the Epson ET-2500 printer or it’s equivalent.


Sublimating to modern phone cases is a very precise process. To help you get the best possible results we have developed our own colour profiles and sublimation inks. Our specialised inks are designed to work in conjunction with the Sublideck™ sublimation process, whilst the colour profile achieves the correct colour balance allowing the sublimation inks to release evenly at low temperatures critically delivering high quality and vibrant colours.


Another key factor is our approved thermoforming 3D FlexiFilm™. Our film relaxes evenly in the Sublideck 3D+ allowing it to thermoform to the shape of the case perfectly each time. The fully thermoformed film releases the ink load evenly, accurately, and efficiently across the microstructure of the case reproducing high quality HD images.


If you want the best results only ever use approved Sublideck™ cases. All our blanks are manufactured to high tolerances using specialised high temperature polymers, and clad with multiple coatings applied in a dust free clean room environment. Using other cheap, off the shelf imitation cases could damage your Sublideck 3D+ and result in poor imaging, lack of image transfer or even case melting.