sublideck 6plus 3d sublimation machine

Introducing the new Sublideck™ 6+

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All new for 2018, the Sublideck™ 6+ is the world’s fastest, lightest and most efficient 3D sublimation production machine available on the market today.

The Sublideck™ 6+ incorporates many revolutionary enhancements only available from Sublideck™. Manufactured in the UK and fully CE certified, the Sublideck™ 6+ can deliver 6 perfectly printed cases from 90 seconds.

With Zero Distortion Technology (ZDT) built in as standard, and our revolutionary Cavity Heat Control (CHC) system all go to producing perfect prints, time after time. The Sublideck™ 6+ drives the latest ultra-high specification vacuum systems on the market today. Technology is best when it just works, and the impressive technology inside the Sublideck™ 6+ works effortlessly, and all at the press of a single button!

If you are looking to move up to the next generation of high quality 3D Sublimation presses, then look no further than the technologically impressive Sublideck™ 6+.

  • The Sublideck 6+ has Active Stretch Control System (ASCS) as standard allowing individual cavity sealing, guarding against unwanted film stretch fully eliminating distortion during pressing.
  • Our unique film data overlap feature allows for scanning of pre-printed bar codes, customer and product data all through the pressing cycle, enabling automatic recognition of cases pressed at any time.
  • The built-in film drying table enables drying of film to a consistent 55°C giving continuous production without the need to purchase extra drying equipment.
  • Efficient cavity convection and jig heating gives accurate jig temperatures with no need for external jig ovens.
  • Fully imaged cases are produced from 90 seconds per cycle and all at a whisper quiet level of less than 60 decibels (conversation level).
  • The Sublideck 6+ has a very low power requirement for a machine of this capability and productivity requiring only a standard 13-amp power supply.
  • The Sublideck 6+ has a very small footprint for such a high throughput machine, at only 0.13cbm (70cm wide x 60 cm deep x 30 cm high).
  • All Sublidecks are 100% designed and engineered in the UK, and fully supported with a 12 months back to base warranty for peace of mind.

Get your Sublideck 6+ for only £14995.00 (+VAT)


Film Size: A5 (210mm x 148.5mm)
Max Part Height: 25mm
All settings are easily adjusted.


Voltage: 230-240v 50/60Hz
Max Current: 5 Amps (230-240v)
Max Power: 1.1kW
Compressed Air: Not required


Machine Dimensions: W: 25.5cm x D: 49.5cm x H: 26cm
Machine Weight: 13.6kg
Packed Dimensions: W: 32.5cm x D: 57cm x H: 33.5 cm
Packed Weight: 15.4kg