Sublideck™ HD Phone Cases

High Definition (HD) Sublimation Cases

Sublideck™ offers a wide range of HD sublimation 3D cases designed to personalise and protect today’s leading smartphones.

If you want the best results only ever use approved Sublideck™ cases. All our blanks are manufactured to high tolerances using specialised high temperature polymers, and clad with multiple coatings applied in a dust free clean room environment.

The range covers the most popular smartphones currently on the market, and are designed to fit perfectly on the following models.

Sublideck™ continues to drive down the price of 3D sublimation technology!

3D Slim Cases

CodeCase NameQuantityRRP*
IP12PM-GApple iPhone 12 Pro Max Slim1£1.75
IP12P-GApple iPhone 12 Pro Slim1£1.75
IP12-GApple iPhone 12 Slim1£1.75
IP12M-GApple iPhone 12 Mini Slim1£1.75
IP11PM-GApple iPhone 11 Pro Max Slim1£1.75
IP11P-GApple iPhone 11 Pro Slim1£1.75
IP11-GApple iPhone 11 Slim1£1.75
IPXSM-GApple iPhone XS Max Slim1£1.75
IPXS-GApple iPhone X/XS Slim1£1.75
IPXR-GApple iPhone XR Slim1£1.75
IP7P-GApple iPhone 7/8/SE (2020) Plus Gloss1£1.75
IP7-GApple iPhone 7/8/SE (2020) Gloss1£1.75
IP6P-GApple iPhone 6/6S Plus Gloss1£1.75
IP6-GApple iPhone 6/6S Gloss1£1.75
IP5-GApple iPhone 5/SE (2016) Gloss1£1.75
SGS20U-GSamsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Gloss1£1.75
SGS20P-GSamsung Galaxy S20 Plus Gloss1£1.75
SGS20-GSamsung Galaxy S20 Gloss1£1.75
SGS10P-GSamsung Galaxy S10 Plus Gloss1£1.75
SGS10-GSamsung Galaxy S10 Gloss1£1.75
SGS10E-GSamsung Galaxy S10e Gloss1£1.75
SGS9P-GSamsung Galaxy S9 Plus Gloss1£1.75
SGS9-GSamsung Galaxy S9 Gloss1£1.75
SGN9-GSamsung Galaxy Note 9 Gloss1£1.90
SGS8P-GSamsung Galaxy S8 Plus Gloss1£1.75
SGS8-GSamsung Galaxy S8 Gloss1£1.75
SGS7E-GSamsung Galaxy S7 Edge Gloss1£1.75
SGS7-GSamsung Galaxy S7 Gloss1£1.75
*All Prices are +VAT @20%

3D Tough Cases

CodeCase NameQuantityRRP*
IP12PM-GApple iPhone 12 Pro Max Gloss1£3.65
IP12P-GApple iPhone 12 Pro Gloss1£3.65
IP12-GApple iPhone 12 Gloss1£3.65
IP12M-GApple iPhone 12 Mini Gloss1£3.65
IP11PM-GApple iPhone 11 Pro Max Gloss1£3.65
IP11P-GApple iPhone 11 Pro Gloss1£3.65
IP11-GApple iPhone 11 Gloss1£3.65
IPXSMTC-GApple iPhone XS Max Gloss1£3.65
IPXSTC-GApple iPhone X/XS Gloss1£3.65
IPXRTC-GApple iPhone XR Gloss1£3.65
IP7PTC-GApple iPhone 7/8/SE (2020) Plus Gloss1£3.65
IP7TC-GApple iPhone 7/8/SE (2020) Gloss1£3.65
IP6PTC-GApple iPhone 6/6S Plus Gloss1£3.65
IP6TC-GApple iPhone 6/6S Gloss1£3.65
IP5TC-GApple iPhone 5/SE (2016) Gloss 1£3.65
SGS20UTC-GSamsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Gloss1£3.65
SGS20PTC-GSamsung Galaxy S20 Plus Gloss1£3.65
SGS20TC-GSamsung Galaxy S20 Gloss1£3.65
SGS10PTC-GSamsung Galaxy S10 Plus Gloss1£3.65
SGS10TC-GSamsung Galaxy S10 Gloss1£3.65
SGS10ETC-GSamsung Galaxy S10e Gloss1£3.65
SGS9PTC-GSamsung Galaxy S9 Plus Gloss1£3.65
SGS9TC-GSamsung Galaxy S9 Gloss1£3.65
SGS8PTC-GSamsung Galaxy S8 Plus Gloss1£3.65
SGS8TC-GSamsung Galaxy S8 Gloss1£3.65
SGS7ETC-GSamsung Galaxy S7 Edge Gloss1£3.65
SGS7TC-GSamsung Galaxy S7 Gloss1£3.65

3D Matte Cases

CodeCase NameQuantityRRP*
IPXS-MApple iPhone XS Slim1£1.85
IPX-MApple iPhone X Slim1£1.85
IP7P-MApple iPhone 7/8 Plus Slim1£1.85
IP7-MApple iPhone 7/8 Slim1£1.85
IP6P-MApple iPhone 6/6S Plus Slim1£1.85
IP6-MApple iPhone 6/6S Slim1£1.85
IP5-MApple iPhone 5/5S/SE Slim1£1.85
SGS9P-MSamsung Galaxy S9 Plus Slim1£1.85
SGS9-MSamsung Galaxy S9 Slim1£1.85
SGS8P-MSamsung Galaxy S8 Plus Slim1£1.85
SGS8-MSamsung Galaxy S8 Slim1£1.85
SGS7-MSamsung Galaxy S7 Slim1£1.85
SGS6-MSamsung Galaxy S6 Slim1£1.85

Please call for large volume price breaks or to discuss the possibility of custom made cases.

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