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Sublideck™ 3D+ System FAQ

We have put together a list of the most commonly asked questions that our customers ask us. We hope you will find this useful. 

  • The Sublideck™ machines are manufactured here in the UK and are fully CE certified and tested. In addition all Sublideck™ components are RoHS compliant.

    • Direct non-halogen heating system which delivers maximum efficiency and minimum energy consumption.
    • Even temperature through the cycle to allow all colours to be transferred evenly.
    • Minimal film stretch, this improves image quality on the case and is essential when using small-format film.
    • Small chamber allows super accurate temperature control for scalable and consistent imaging.
    • Easy-change jig mounting.
    • Small film gripping area, that ensures that larger items such as iPhone 7+ can be processed.
    • Automatic film clamping system for consistent and easy registration.
    • Highest quality components.
    • Extremely quite system.
    • Lightweight and small footprint can be easily used in retail or kiosk.
    • Blisteringly fast from 90-180 seconds per cycle.
    • Simple user interface for plug and play production.
    • A super-fast single machine suitable for retail or high volume production environments.
    • A Modular system that can be run by single operators (increase capacity without fear of purchased equipment being outdated or redundant.)
    • Sublideck™ 3D+ is the world’s only press to have resolved photo, text and logo stretching on the top of the printed case.
    • The industry’s best imaged results.
    • Easiest to use 3D system on the market with a one button press and go operation.
    • No cooling stage required.
    • Dramatically reduced wastage rates saving time and money.
    • World class technical support delivered by industry experts.
    • Up to 900 cases per shift production with 3 machines!

    In short when you purchase a Sublideck™ 3D+ System you are buying a process that’s tried and tested by some of the largest case producers in the world. We have systems installed in over 20 countries and over the last 3 years have achieved virtually a 100% uptime in system operation.

    If you want a system that works, with the confidence that if something goes wrong then you have the back up to sort it out, no matter what it takes, then there is only one choice.

  • You are buying the machine so the simple answer is yes but, of course we would prefer you to use our cases and film.


    • Normal cases do not work on the 3D machine, they are made with standard polycarbonate which will melt under heat. Our cases are made from special high temperature plastics that can withstand the process.
    • In order to sublimate (transfer) an image onto a case it must either be coated with a special sublimation receptive coating applied to it or made from high temperature direct sublimation polymers. The coatings are not standard sublimation coatings but special low-temperature coatings, applied in several layers in a dust-free clean room facility.
    • Because the 3D machine is a vacuum press, immense pressure is applied to the product during the transfer process. In order to prevent the case from deforming during the imaging process a support jig is required for each different phone model. This jig is engineered to fit our cases exactly to ensure a perfect fit with the phone after pressing.
    • Using non-Sublideck™ parts will result in lesser quality images or ill-fitting cases.
    • Colour accuracy – Every element of the process has been custom developed to work in synchronisation with each other to achieve the best possible results. Using all of our elements (Sublideck™ press, jigs, film, inks and cases) together ensures you achieve photo quality images and superb vibrant colours. If any of these components are changed, the system will become unbalanced and you will see lower quality, inconsistent results.
    • Let’s be honest we are here to make a profit and if we provide top quality cases and film at industry leading prices then our customers are happy and we are happy as it allows us to continue to invest in bringing you innovative products and top quality support.
  • We offer high definition cases which are coated with special low temperature coatings to allow for super-fast imaging superb colour definition with high gloss effect.

    These include iPhone 7 iPhone 7+ iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6+/6s+ iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 4/4s, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy 6, Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Plus

    We have tough cases available for all the above models and do have older models in stock please request details.

  • In order to transfer images to products using the 3D press you must use a special thermoforming film. When the film is placed in the press, it is heated and the vacuum pulls the film around the product which allows the image to be transferred. FlexiFilm™ is an integral part of the 3D process and again is designed to work with the system and provide accurate vibrant colours.

  • We are always willing to discuss volume discounts and supply contracts however we feel our cases and film represent excellent value for money. Please feel free to give us a call.

  • A key component of the process is the sublimation inks. When using 3D sublimation, you need to use special inks that when heated transfer across and embed into the coating on the product. These inks are called sublimation Inks. The sublimation process is extremely durable and produces amazingly vibrant colours.

    Sole Juice sell sublimation inks that are profiled to work specially with our FlexiFilm™. This helps in obtaining accurate colours during the transfer process.

    The system is designed to work at lower temperatures than standard heat presses so we have created a special profile set that produces accurate colours at lower temperatures.

  • The good news is there is no need to use expensive large format printers to produce prints for your Sublideck 3D+ We have profiled the Epson ET 2500 series printer to work with our system. This is the first Epson printer that incorporates it’s own integral bulk ink system (Eco Tank) allowing us to offer inks in bulk format that drive your costs per print down to well under 5p per print. The cost of this series of printer is around £250.00 +/-.

  • Yes, if you have an existing Ricoh printer that runs Sawgrass Inks it will work with our film and process, however it is much more economical to use the Epson Eco Tank System

  • Using the Epson series printers you will not need to purchase RIP software as you can print straight from your graphics software such as Photoshop or Corel etc.

    We do recommend however that you have a basic understanding of either Photoshop, Illustrator or another photo editing suite and use it to crop and resize images before printing onto the film. Please remember to use higher resolution images of at least 200-300 dpi to get the best quality phone cases from the Sublideck™ 3D system.

    Printed results for both photographs and complex designs are breath-taking.

    Colour matching specific colours for logos etc. can also be challenging and require altering colour settings within your photo editing suit and matching by eye. Please note that sublimation inks have a much smaller colour gamut than other printing processes and some precise colours may not be achievable.

  • Here’s where we blow the competition out of the water. We understand, machines break down, parts wear out and we know if you have purchased a machine from us and are located thousands of miles away you want the confidence that we are there to back up our machines, well rest assured we are.

    We offer a 12 month fully comprehensive warranty that covers all parts. As we said earlier, all our machines are manufactured in the UK and are designed with most of the parts being user replaceable if required.

    If a part breaks in the first 12 months we will ship a replacement part to you free of charge and are happy to Skype call in and walk you through replacement of the part. On top of this if for some reason, we cannot repair your machine on site we will pay for return shipping of the machine and ship you a replacement at our cost. That’s how confident we are in our machines.

    We also offer and extended warranty for £199.00 should you require one. Please ask for further details.

  • The Sublideck™ 3D+ is available as a 230/240v 5 Amp (1.1kW) with a standard 3 pin plug, or for North America 110v 8 Amp (0.9kW) with a standard 2 pin plug.

  • We can currently produce about 20  Sublideck™ 3D+ presses per month. Seasonal demand means that wait times vary dependent on time of year but in general we can normally ship Sublideck™  machines within 4 days and most of the time, next day from inventory. The weight of the machine fully packaged for shipping is 20 kilos with a shipping carton size of 56 x 34 x 33 cm. 

  • The Sublideck™ 3D + presses are an incredible feat of engineering and “They Just Simply Work” – truly plug and play systems. We try to keep the costs of entry (3D machines) as low as possible and with the demand for decorated phone cases exploding we feel the Sublideck™ 3D+ system represents a massive and realistic opportunity for today’s market.

    If you are trying to compare our systems to the cheap Chinese offerings then I am sorry we are not for you. We supply professional systems that you can be relied upon to deliver consistent top quality phone cases at realistic prices backed up with superb support and the comfort of an iron clad global warranty.

  • Of course, we have a full production facility here in Sheffield UK. If you would like to visit for a demo, please contact us to arrange this.

  • Yes, no problem we provide samples free of charge but you must either pay for the shipping or provide a valid UPS or TNT shipping number.

+44 (0)1709 296 366
Technical Support

Please contact our support team: support@sublideck.com

So what’s next, how do I order from you?

Ordering is easy

We can call you to discuss further details and answer any questions you may have. In 90% of cases when buying a Sublideck™ 3D+ you will need to purchase our starter package.

Our recommendation is opposite but obviously, you can mix and match whatever you require. If you require sublimation inks and a printer, please discuss prior to purchase.

Written Quotation

We can provide you a written quote including shipping costs within a matter of hours. You will need to provide us with your full contact details company name, address, telephone number etc.


With all orders, we will produce a pro-forma invoice, if the lead time is greater than 7 days we will require a 20% deposit and then once your machine is ready to ship we will contact you for the balance of payment before shipping.