CNC Precision Jigs for Sublideck™ 3D

CNC Precision Jigs

Our CNC Precision Jigs are manufactured to high tolerances and designed to fit our HD cases perfectly for the best results.

Sublideck™ 3D+ Precision Jigs product & price list

Code Jig NameRRP*
OJA12PMTApple iPhone 12 Pro Max Tough£49.95
OJA12PMApple iPhone 12 Pro Max£49.95
OJA12PTApple iPhone 12 Pro Tough£49.95
OJA12PApple iPhone 12 Pro£49.95
OJA12TApple iPhone 12 Tough£49.95
OJA12Apple iPhone 12£49.95
OJA12MTApple iPhone 12 Mini Tough£49.95
OJA12MApple iPhone 12 Mini£49.95
OJA11PMTApple iPhone 11 Pro Max Tough£49.95
OJA11PMApple iPhone 11 Pro Max£49.95
OJA11PTApple iPhone 11 Pro Tough£49.95
OJA11PApple iPhone 11 Pro£49.95
OJA11TApple iPhone 11 Tough£49.95
OJA11Apple iPhone 11£49.95
OJAXRTApple iPhone XR Tough£49.95
OJAXRApple iPhone XR£49.95
OJAXSMTApple iPhone XS Max Tough£49.95
OJAXSMApple iPhone XS Max£49.95
OJAXSTApple iPhone XS Tough£49.95
OJAXApple iPhone X/XS£49.95
OJA7PTApple iPhone 7/8/SE (2020) Plus Tough£49.95
OJA7PApple iPhone 7/8/SE (2020) Plus£49.95
OJA7TApple iPhone 7/8/SE (2020) Tough£49.95
OJA7 Apple iPhone 7/8/SE (2020)£49.95
OJA6PTApple iPhone 6/6s Plus Tough£49.95
OJA6PApple iPhone 6/6S Plus£49.95
OJA6TApple iPhone 6/6s Tough£49.95
OJA6Apple iPhone 6/6S £49.95
OJA5TApple iPhone 5/5S/SE (2016) Tough£49.95
OJA5Apple iPhone 5/SE (2016)£49.95
Code Jig NameRRP*
OJS20USamsung Galaxy S20 Ultra£49.95
OJS20PSamsung Galaxy S20 Plus£49.95
OJS20Samsung Galaxy S20£49.95
OJN10PSamsung Note S10 Plus£49.95
OJN10Samsung Note S10£49.95
OJS10PTSamsung Galaxy S10 Plus Tough£49.95
OJS10PSamsung Galaxy S10 Plus£49.95
OJS10TSamsung Galaxy S10 Tough£49.95
OJS10Samsung Galaxy S10£49.95
OJS10ETSamsung Galaxy S10e Tough £49.95
OJS10ESamsung Galaxy S10e £49.95
OJN9Samsung Note S9£49.95
OJS9PTSamsung Galaxy S9 Plus Tough£49.95
OJS9PSamsung Galaxy S9 Plus £49.95
OJS9TSamsung Galaxy S9 Tough£49.95
OJS9Samsung Galaxy S9£49.95
OJS8PTSamsung Galaxy S8 Plus Tough£49.95
OJS8PSamsung Galaxy S8 Plus£49.95
OJS8TSamsung Galaxy S8 Tough£49.95
OJS8Samsung Galaxy S8£49.95
OJS7ETSamsung Galaxy S7 Edge Tough£49.95
OJS7ESamsung Galaxy S7 Edge£49.95
OJS7TSamsung Galaxy S7 Tough£49.95
OJS7Samsung Galaxy S7£49.95
*All Prices are +VAT @20%

Older models may still be available, please call for details.