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Introducing the All New & Revolutionary Sublideck™ 3D+

Sublideck™ is the recognised world leader in 3D Sublimation, and after bringing to market the hugely popular Sublideck™ 1, and Sublideck™ 4 machines, we now bring you the incredible Sublideck™ 3D+.

The Sublideck™ 3D+

  • Is lightning fast producing full wrap 3D imaged blank cases in 120 seconds.
  • Whisper quiet at only 60 decibels, which is less than a conversation level.
  • Fully mobile perfect for retailers and kiosk owners.
  • Utilises industries first Zero Distortion Technology (ZDT) for ultimate image reproduction.
  • Highly productive, one production shift could produce up to 240 cases.
  • Made and designed to high specifications in the UK.

Sole Juice is recognised as a world leader in 3D sublimation. Our Sublideck™ technology is tried and tested in 100’s of locations around the world. The latest update to our technology, the Sublideck™ 3D+, is not only suitable for mass production but also retail store and kiosk operation.

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With millions invested into 3D systems and consumables, the Sublideck™ 3D+ is the world’s fastest, mobile, and most accurate sublimation imaging system on the market today.

Sublideck™ provides a one stop shop, stocking a complete range of high quality cases that are profiled to work with Sublideck™ 3D+, Sublideck™ cases and Sublideck™ FlexiFilm™.

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